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Concerned your website isn’t performing in your local market? Get page one ranking locally, get new sales AND leads!

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Why do you need a local SEO campaign for your overall online presence?

To make sure you get every lead possible. An impressive 85% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses.

This statistic, mentioned in various surveys, says everything. Your business has to be visible in search engines and on social media to gain more sales and continue to grow.

The main pillars of a local online presence are:
  • Rank on the first page of Google and Bing search engines for relevant keywords in your local area
  • Develop a responsive website; make it intuitive and mobile friendly
  • Gain genuine reviews of your products or services
  • Be visible on Google Maps
  • Create a presence in business directories
  • Build your social media channels

Advantages of local SEO are a reliable result, very affordable costs and a good return on investment. However, you need to be realistic about these achievements too. Let’s say that you are an estate agent in a small town; it is obviously much easier, faster and less expensive to get ranked in areas outside of big cities compare to keywords such as “estate agent in Central London” which is a large competitive area with many big established players.

How to select an SEO provider for your local SEO campaign? These qualities are essential:
  • Proven track record
  • Deep knowledge of the latest Google algorithm updates
  • Local presence – someone who knows your city
  • Growth potential – someone who knows ways to grow your business online in your local area
  • Price – go for a local provider who works for a lower freelancer rate rather than a company rate to save you money. Many times a local provider (a freelancer or small organisation) can match prices with companies from cheaper countries while actually providing higher knowledge, quality and efficiency than those from other countries.

VS Digital Media an SEO provider with all of the above qualities who can build a strong local campaign for your organisation. Based in London, our local SEO Services start from only £120 per each location. There are no long-term contracts. Instead, it is just month-to-month service, with a monthly tasks, ranking and traffic report you will see every month to document the progress of your online presence. We are running local SEO campaigns for Clothing Retailers, Furniture Sellers, Estate Agents, Training Companies, Car Part Dealers, and many other service or consultancy companies.

To see for yourself how VS Digital Media’s SEO services will benefit your company, call us today.

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