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Conversion rate optimisation

What are Conversion Rates?

Conversion Rates are the percentage of prospective customers who take a specific action that you want them to take.

For example, if you spend £1,000 on online marketing and your traffic is 1,000 visits per month with a 2% sales conversion, then you get 20 sales per month. If your conversion rate were to increase to 6% then you would get 60 sales per month.

How to Track Conversion Rates?

Tracking conversion rates is fundamental as there is no way to improve something you cannot track. The most popular free way for tracking is Google Analytics:

About a Healthy Conversion Rate

The following article explains the sales conversion rate well:

Methods to Increase Conversion Rates

There are many ways to improve your sales conversion rates. Here are some of the fundamental ways:

Build trust by sharing reviews from your previous customers

When your business has authentic consumer reviews for your products or services, you can improve trust with potential future clients. Post these reviews on your website to make them easily viewable by first-time users to the site. Genuine customer reviews are NOT fake. While real reviews reveal how consumers feel about what you are selling, fake reviews only show that one company is supreme in its industry, without any room for improvements. Therefore, generating real reviews will establish your business as a trustworthy enterprise and improve your sales conversion rate.

Make it easy for users to find what they are looking for

Websites with clear, user-friendly web navigation and search filter options are key to low bounce rate and high conversion rate. This is especially true for e-commerce websites, where users want to be able to find products or services quickly through filters by price, product type or otherwise.

Quick and easy buying process

Make it easy for users to figure out how to buy your product or service or where they need to click. A simple, intuitive website requires end users to use few clicks is the best option. Be clear in directing users with calls to action and have as few form fields as possible. As well, avoid requiring users to sign up for the website in order to make a purchase. Another option is to offer free shipping on online orders.

Clear contact information and live chat options

Clearly shown contact information, such as a phone number, and/or live chat options increases conversions well. These details give visitors confidence that your company is “real” and are there to answer any questions they may have.

We have extensive experience in fixing underperforming websites. We are happy to provide a consultancy or create a conversion optimisation plan for you at affordable hourly rates. Please contact us to learn more about how we can start improving your conversion rates.

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